LOROS Marshalling 29th April

Thank you to the 18 people that got up at 6 o’clock in the morning to help marshal the LOROS charity bike ride in Rutland Waters. Although it rained heavily throughout the day, and the 25 mile bike ride had to be cancelled, the 7 mile ride took place and a prompted game of waterlogged mini-golf saved the day. All in all Bill Mo managed to raise £1350 from the event, adding to our total, and dominating all the other halls (in which the highest number of volunteers was only 4 from any other hall).

This week we have the Stamford Race for life (cancer research UK), with over 35 volunteers already coming. Details to follow shortly and keep following on the Bill Mo Rag page on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/291323267550231/

RAG love x


William Morris, arguably one of the strongest halls within the university, faced many challenges after its reinvention in 2007. With an influx of over 300 wide eyed, bushy tailed fresher’s each year, the hall has witnessed many remarkable people walk through these doors. March 9-11th beckoned all back to Bill Mo to join the halls first ever annual alumni weekend, deemed to be an unforgettable experience.

With over 50 former members returning to Loughborough to celebrate friendships and successes, the weekend started in Bill Mo’s own common room, opened especially for the occasion.  With no electricity or heating, the crowd moved swiftly into an amazingly messy FND. Saturday’s festivities started with a Varsity fry up, followed by sporting events against the current Bill Mo. The football was won by the Bill Mo XI and the Netball comfortably by the Alumni XI. Both sets of teams honoured special shirts, bearing the name of former resident and Coach Matt Pinnock, who continues to battle a life threatening brain tumour. Sales from T-shirts as well as added donations contributed to over £250 raised for the hospice where Matt was treated.
Carolyn Pinnock (Matt’s mum) told label, “Thanks to everyone involved in raising such a fantastic amount for the Cynthia Spencer Hospice. We have been overwhelmed by the generosity and support, and it does make us immensely proud to know Matthew has such wonderful friends.”

As more former members joined as the day continued, Jom Makan hosted the Alumni dinner. With a hazy memory for all those concerned, it can only be said an excellent night was provided. The weekend was a roaring success, smashing all expectations. Testaments to all that came, not only former committee members or housemates, but a bunch to keep continuous conversation flowing around topics such as “what are you doing nowadays?” With only two years’ worth of alumni members, it’s exciting to embrace what the next few years of alumni will create. The ways in which hall chair AJ and current Bill Mo welcomed the weekend created a great standing within the hall. This sense of pride and belonging is what Bill Mo is all about.

With another year nearly over, and another 300 fresher’s awaiting their place, the success of the weekend can only remain if the strong communication remains between alumni and current students.  Undoubtedly, the love and respect all residents hold for the hall will remain for years to come, and many will join these reunions to celebrate their Bill Mo journey.

Committee Minutes

Hi Bill Mo

Here’s the minutes from today’s committee meeting. Particular points to remember are:

– Summer Ball will be 24th May- Tickets will be £36 and will be on sale hopefully tomorrow

– AGM Tuesday 15th May @ 7.30pm- come and have your say- also if you want to be a fresher helper you MUST attend

Have a good week


Committee Minutes 07.05.12

Rounders Victory

A successful 15 and a half to 12 points victory against the David Collett ladies earlier this evening.

A strong start like this stands the Bill Mo girls in good stead for the remainder of the season. If you want to get involved more games in the future get in touch with Katie or Martha through Facebook or email them at femalesport@billmohall.com

Photos to follow soon…

Radiothon 2012

Like music and want to share it with others? Or just want to talk on the radio for an hour? Either way the Radiothon could be perfect for you.

The Radiothon is a 150 hour continious radio broadcast by LSR (Lougborough Students Radio) and they are looking for each hall to pick up one or two hours so anyway can get involved. You don’t need any technical knowledge, or even a good taste in music, all you need to do it talk any say what you want to listen to. Simple as that!


Bill Mo Birthday

Even with the rain pouring down and getting in the way of a lot of the fun stuff which was planned the night still went ahead, and what a night it was!

For the first time we had proper DJs in the common room and people were dancing. Usually beer pong it the main focus of the common room pre-party, but this was a nice change of pace, and I think it is the first of many DJ nights in our common room.

DJ Pasquale Chiavetta & Co on the Decks

After all the music, dancing and punch everyone moved out to the quad for a big balloon release and a que jump to the union for a quality Hey Ewe.

With Bill Mo Day coming up soon we can only hope the rain doesn’t get in the way again, but if it does rest asured we will make the most of it. As a committee we have learnt from what happened, and we know how to better prepare for eventualities like this again.

William Morris Gets Twitter!

The first of a couple of ideas to help keep all the members of Bill Mo in the loop!

The account is going to be used to spread information about events, including IMS, ACTION, RAG, etc. Twitter is a very quick way of sending out information to the masses, and we hope that those of you who use Twitter find this useful. And if you don’t have Twitter then it might be worth getting just for the updates from William Morris.

William Morris Twitter

If you have any issues or think the Twitter account could be used in a different way then please let us know in the comments below.