Your New Committee

With a tough week of campaigning over and done with, and the votes in, the new committee is finally revealed. Here are your new committee:


Emma Levy






Emma Levy – Hall Chair



Jess Stobbs






Jess Stobbs – Comms Sec




Ollie Lee – Magazine Editor



Elliya Gemili

Elliya Gemili – RAG Rep



Alex Twigge






Alex Twigge – Social Sec



Jess Turpin






Jess Turpin – Female Sports Sec



Ross Orlov






Ross Orlov – Male Sports Sec



Screen Shot 2015-03-27 at 19.26.37






Dan Keeley – Treasurer



me for ski pass






Ellie Wakerley – Webmaster



Mollie Kilpatrick






Mollie Kilpatrick – Welfare & Diversity / FREEC


Hustings Is Back!!!

So it’s that time of year again…the time where you get to elect your new committee members. Over the next week you will see all candidates trying their best to become your new representatives. The positions available are:

  • Hall Chair
  • Welfare and Diversity/FREEC Rep
  • Magazine Editor
  • Webmaster
  • Comms Sec
  • Female Sports Sec
  • Male Sports Sec
  • Treasurer
  • Action Rep
  • RAG Rep

If you are interested in running contact Todd Martin. Otherwise enjoy the antics of the week, don’t forget to vote for your favourite candidates and attend Hustings next Friday in Room1 at 6.45pm.


Bill Mo Committee x


HGM – 5th Feb

It is that time. The William Morris HGM where Committee positions will be discussed with the upcoming election fast approaching. You can come along and find out what positions are available and find out what has been happening within the hall since our last HGM.

Positions up for grabs:

  • Hall Chair
  • Treasurer
  • Social Sec
  • Rag Rep
  • Action Rep
  • Female Sports Sec
  • Male Sec
  • Webmaster
  • Comms Sec
  • Welfare/FREEC
  • Mag Ed

This is your last chance to run for the 2015 committee.

Also Mr Peoples’ will come down to talk about Exec Elections a little to you all.

Any questions please email

Refreshers 2015!

Exams are over, time to blow off some steam with Bill Mo Refreshers 2015.

Keep an eye for everything refresher related..

Punch Parties, Q Jumps, Ticket Prices, Bus Times, Stash…

29th – Stuesday (Space Theme)
28th – Hey Ewe Q Jump (Retro Sports)
29th – DBE (Wavey Garms)
30th – Punch Party/ FND
2nd – Pub Crawl to Mansion Monday (Refresher T’s)
3rd – Lboro invades
4th – Hey Ewe Q Jump
5th – Artful Dodger at Revs
6th – FND

Don’t forget to buy your refresher tee’s from Becky for ¬£7. And have a great refreshers!

Bill Mo Committee x

refresher stash

Welcome Back

We hope you all had a great Christmas and New Years. We know this may be a lackluster start with exams fast approaching but we wish you the best of luck with any exams or coursework deadlines you may have and that this year be more spectacular than the last.

Happy New Year

Bill Mo Committee x

Winter Ball

IMG_7417We hope that everyone who attended the winter ball on Tuesday enjoyed it and well done to everyone who discovered the throne and bear, which many cannot believe was there.

Pictures have now been uploaded to facebook on the Bill Mo Media page and video will soon be up so keep an eye out on youtube and facebook.

Be sure to attend our next event on Friday at 9pm in the common room to close out the year with our ‘Sh*t Shirt Social’, there will be prizes for the worst shirt.


Sexual Health Campaign

Here’s a little video promoting safe sex, we hope you enjoy but also take away the message we are trying to get across and always use a condom.

Disclaimer: The actors in this video do not have chlamydia.

Voting is now open

Hope you all enjoyed hustings last night, voting for your committee candidates is now open and will remain open until 4pm on Friday.

Please take the time to vote, the candidates have put in a lot of time and effort for their campaigns. It really does benefit you to take part in voting as these are the people who will represent your views within halls and organise events for you.

Happy Voting!

If you have any problems voting contact Liam Peoples at

Hustings Week !!!

Today has been the first day of Hustings week, which means candidates wanting to run for committee will have started their campaigning.

Each candidate has to complete a series of challenges that is set by the current member of committee in that position. So keep an eye out for them fulfilling these and make sure you attend Hustings in Room1 on Tuesday 11th November at 7pm to see their dedications for Bill Mo.

Enjoy this week and don’t forget to vote !!!

Rugby’s First Win of the Year !!!

After a disappointing start to the season with a loss to last year’s IMS Rugby winners Royce, we showed Butler Court what we were really made of.

With an abundance of talent on our side, the first half showed butler that they had no chance when we played the game only in their half and keeping a clean sheet, 25-0 to us at the end of the first half.

With a tiring squad we still managed to keep the lead with butler only gaining a sing tri and conversion scoring only 7 points. Finishing out the game strong we ended with a very pleasing 37-7 scoreline.

Well Done Lads and Good Luck with training !!!


2nd in Sing Off 2014

Lets cast your minds back to Sunday 28th September, the night where everyone gathered and mustered everything they had with one goal…bring home the sing off for an unprecedented 3rd time in a row !!! After putting up a valiant and strong battle against all other halls we were robbed of first and finished second.

If you want to see your amazing performance follow this link (to the LSU Media Website) to see the sing off video 2014.

Don’t forget to like the Bill Mo Media page on facebook to keep up with all hall media and to check out pictures from your freshers week.

Well Done at the sing off and have a great year !!!

Bill Mo Action and RAG

Bill Mo is renowned for winning things and RAG and Action are no exception!

To put it simply, Action is volunteering and RAG is raising and giving, and every year each Hall competes to be the best in both… And we’re actually not too shabby at it (Action winners 2014 and second in RAG 2014!)

You could be climbing amount Kilimanjaro, dog sledding in the Antarctic or skydiving and all for good causes!

Search ‘Bill Mo Action 2014-15’ and ‘William Morris RAG 2014/15’ on Facebook to join the groups and find out more about these amazing opportunities!