If you are reading this it means you are trying to decide about whether to apply to the best hall in Loughborough, or, you have already accepted your place in William Morris hall (A.K.A. Bill Mo). All we can say is we very, very rarely get bad feedback from Hall members and do our utmost to fulfil everyones needs. Why Bill Mo? Hall of the Year 2014.. Need we say more?

William Morris Hall is home to over 478 students, being one of the biggest halls just off campus (but the one of the closest to town and the closest to the Union). Unlike other Universities around the country we do our very best to ensure you get the most out of your hall and University experience; we have a team of people who work hard to get you involved and make sure everything is just as it should be.

William Morris Hall has a hall committee of 18 University students who aim to regulate and maintain the activities within the hall. In 2015/16 we came 3rd overall in IMS (sport), 1st in Action (volunteering) and we won the ‘Sing Off’. We continuously strive to keep you involved in the hall through high quality coverage of all of our events to capture all of the great memories!

We’re known as a party hall  that puts on a freshers week that you don’t want to miss out.

We have a warden team who help out with hall problems 24/7, security staff, maintenance staff, cleaners and Unite staff who all work hard to maintain a safe and quality environment for you to live in.

Collectively we aim for you to have THE BEST year(s) of your life staying we us!