Your Committee

The Bill Mo Committee are voted by you and look to ensure that you have the best possible experience during your time in Bill Mo. Here are your 17/18 Committee:


  • Hometown: Barnsley17902706_10155157387528965_1304461846_o
  • Course: Mechanical Engineering
  • Interests: Cricket, F1
  • Heroes: Morgan Freeman and Bear Grylls
  • Favourite Drink on a Night out: Orange + Passionfruit VK
  • Favourite thing about Bill Mo: Community vibe and active hall
  • Advice for Freshers: Get involved as much as you can during the first 2 weeks and discover what interests you.
  • Email:


  • Hometown: Chelmsford, Essex17409912_1463411150337320_175278895_n
  • Course: Civil Engineering
  • Interests: Football, Cycling, Superhero Films, Ukulele
  • Heroes: My Mum, Iron man
  • Favourite Drink on a Night out: Rum + coke with ice and a lime wedge
  • Favourite thing about Bill Mo:
  • Advice for Freshers: Be yourself and own it
  • Email:


  • Hometown: Billericay, Essex17916302_10211227453714368_392797451_o-copy
  • Course: Economics and Politics
  • Interests: Food, small fluffy things, music
  • Heroes: Blair Waldorf
  • Favourite Drink on a Night out: Sambuca
  • Favourite thing about Bill Mo: Barney and pov blocks
  • Advice for Freshers: Remember Domino’s delivers until 5am
  • Email:


  • Hometown: Sittingbourne, Kent17431793_10206384421769162_1553137651_o
  • Course: Business, Economics and Finance
  • Interests: Getting drunk, dancing like a nutter,
    Sports, pub quiz champion, proper film nerd
  • Heroes: Legolas ❤ Aragorn ❤ Gandalf ❤ Luke Skywalker ❤ George Best
  • Favourite Drink on a Night out: Pint of fosters at the pub, double vodka lemonade, in the club WOI
  • Favourite thing about Bill Mo: Sick nights with everyone, know everyone proper quick just a sick place
  • Advice for Freshers: Try not to be shy and chat to bare people
  • Email:


  • Hometown: Camberley/Surrey17439589_1477326888952584_746122019_n
  • Course: Communications and Media
  • Interests: FND, Dominos, Lacrosse and probably excessive drinking
  • Heroes: Tom Hardy only.
  • Favourite Drink on a Night out: Not too bothered as long as it’s free xx
  • Favourite thing about Bill Mo: The view from G blocks kitchen window
  • Advice for Freshers: Remember first year doesn’t count and papa si’s sells pies
  • Email:


  • Hometown: Graffham (West Sussex)17379830_1259721904082496_946106038_o
  • Course: Maths and Sport science
  • Interests: Tennis, Crystal Palace, food, procrastination
  • Heroes: Austin Powers & Chris Kamara
  • Favourite Drink on a Night out: Whatever’s cheapest
  • Favourite thing about Bill Mo: Pov/Posh block rivalry
  • Advice for Freshers: Don’t be afraid to approach people you recognise on nights out, it will give you something to talk about and is a really good way to make friends x
  • Email:


  • Hometown: Rayleigh, Essex17409848_1488764797802534_373962099_n
  • Course: Graphic Communication and Illustration
  • Interests: Eating, drinking, Papa Si, £5 Pizza after a night out, sport, gym and lacrosse
  • Heroes: The Queen, Jon Snow and my mum.
  • Favourite Drink on a Night out: 2 Double Vodka Lemonades in pint glass
  • Favourite thing about Bill Mo: Barney the bill mo dog
  • Advice for Freshers: Have fun and talk to people!
  • Email:


  • Hometown: Kavos17408533_1691099804239347_1077182350_o
  • Course: Sport Management
  • Interests: Mountaineering, Go Ape, Spa Weekends and Extended Reading
  • Heroes: Kieran Brookes, Eoghan Burke
  • Favourite Drink on a Night out: Double vodka panda pop
  • Favourite thing about Bill Mo: Best location and party experience in Lough
  • Advice for Freshers: Be in Pov blocks, Avoid Lectures, Do a Rag Raid and Run for Committee
  • Email:

MALE SPORT SEC – JAKE SMITH17440420_1592182870806694_799040831_n

  • Hometown: Burton Upon Tren
  • Course: Geography
  • Interests: Football, cricket
  • Heroes: Ross Orlov
  • Favourite Drink on a Night out: Double vodka lemonade
  • Favourite thing about Bill Mo: Punch Parties
  • Advice for Freshers: Tropical VK is the one
  • Email:


  • Hometown: Lancaster, Lancashirefullsizerender
  • Course: Civil Engineering
  • Interests: Cricket, Football, Volunteering and Cooking!
  • Heroes: Shane Warne and Mary Berry
  • Favourite Drink on a Night out: Double Whisky and Coke
  • Favourite thing about Bill Mo: The relaxed but entertaining atmosphere, the great opportunities to try new things, its proximity to the Union and the awesome social life!
  • Advice for Freshers: Make the most of your first year and try lots of new things. The uni offers you loads, from Action Volunteering to Rag Projects and much more!! Enjoy Freshers to the fullest, meet new people and never say no to a Papa Si’s
  • Email:


  • Hometown: Bootle, The Lake District fullsizerender
  • Course: Graphic Communication and Illustration
  • Interests: Guitar/ukulele/keys, travelling, singing, photography, volunteering, drawing, socialising, dogs, salsa and contemporary dance, cooking zany food
  • Heroes: Stevie Nicks and my mum
  • Favourite Drink on a Night out: Jägerbombs all the way
  • Favourite thing about Bill Mo: Location, events and the community spirit.
  • Advice for Freshers: Get involved in as much as possible in freshers, union events, the hall, societies etc and don’t stress too much – if some things don’t work out, other things will, and there is no reason why you shouldn’t have a fantastic time here!
  • Email:


  • Hometown: Reading
  • Course: International business
  • Interests: Drinking, pubs, food, gym
  • Heroes: Phillip Schofield
  • Favourite Drink on a Night out: G&T
  • Favourite thing about Bill Mo: We have our own dog, everyone knows everyone, after party central
  • Advice for Freshers: Try and avoid sleeping with too many Bill Mo-ers
  • Email:


  • Hometown: Epsom/Surrey17379719_1671434062883650_338104953_o
  • Course: English
  • Interests: Sport, Going to pubs
  • Heroes: Jessica Lange
  • Favourite Drink on a Night out: White Wine
  • Favourite thing about Bill Mo: The sense of community/How friendly everyone is
  • Advice for Freshers: Do everything you can to get involved, just have fun
  • Email:


  • Hometown: Leicester17409652_10212544140825472_658385304_n
  • Course: International Business
  • Interests: Sports, Music, Domino’s and Nando’s
  • Heroes: The guy who delivers the Domino’s
  • Favourite Drink on a Night out: Blue VK
  • Favourite thing about Bill Mo: Impossible to lose a girl on the way back from the union
  • Advice for Freshers: Go out every night in freshers, even if you’re near death
  • Email:


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  • Hometown: Sawbridgeworth, Hertfordshire
  • Course: Computer Science
  • Interests: Rugby, Beer, Pizza, Game of Thrones
  • Heroes: Harvey Specter
  • Favourite Drink on a Night out: Red VK
  • Favourite thing about Bill Mo: Location is the best on uni, Punch parties are next level and the people are wicked!
  • Advice for Freshers: Get involved with everything you can, you’re only in first year once!
  • Email:

COMMUNICATIONS SEC – BILLY RUSZ17408307_10208159955612451_1035741360_o

  • Hometown: Hadleigh, Essex
  • Course: International Business
  • Interests: Going out, Snowboarding, American Football
  • Heroes: Drake #morelife
  • Favourite Drink on a Night out: Vodka coke
  • Favourite thing about Bill Mo: Location , People and Punch parties
  • Advice for Freshers: Be yourself, get involved and make the most of it
  • Email:


  • Hometown: Louth, Lincolnshire17619672_10208693020387665_544496410_n
  • Course: Fine Art
  • Interests: Horse riding, Art, Going out
  • Heroes: My Mum
  • Favourite Drink on a Night out: Double Vodka & Lemonade
  • Favourite thing about Bill Mo: The location, people and the big events bill mo organise. Plus Barney!
  • Advice for Freshers: Don’t be shy, go out every night in freshers even if you’ve got freshers flu! Plus Loughborough takes fancy dress seriously so be prepared
  • Email:


  • Hometown: London17440495_336418613426533_442416512_n
  • Course: Maths & Computer Science
  • Interests: Badminton, Art & Eating
  • Heroes: Sia & The Wealdstone Raider
  • Favourite Drink on a Night out: A refreshing glass of water!
  • Favourite thing about Bill Mo: The Ping Pong Table!
  • Advice for Freshers: Talk to and make friends with as many people as possible. Everyone’s in the same boat.
  • Email: