freshers 2013

Upcoming Freshers 2014


if you’re reading this you are probably considering applying or already accepted an offer for Bill Mo to be your home for the next year and we hope that you do choose this hall.

This site is dedicated to everything Bill Mo, so we strongly encourage that you look through and see all the exciting things that we have done this year and previous years. But this is also the place to get information on our future activities such as freshers, we will also be posting your fresher plans here first so keep an eye out on our social media pages (facebook and twitter) and keep checking back on this site for when this happens, after exam results are released.

Also check out our freshers section of this site, where you can find useful information on bill mo, why you should apply and also what you may want to bring with you.

You may have many questions about our hall, loughborough or just about moving away in general; so if you have questions or just fancy a chat please contact us

Bill Mo Committee x

freshers 2013