Freshers 2016 Media

Take a look at what we got up to this Freshers!!

And this…

The Great Bill Mo Hustings

So now after a week of campaigning it’s time to see what your committee candidates have been up to this week! Let’s see if they’ve got what it takes!

Just as a reminder the positions that need filling are:

  • Hall Chair
  • Treasurer
  • Social Sec
  • Rag Rep
  • Action Rep
  • Female Sports Sec
  • Male Sports Sec
  • Webmaster
  • Comms Sec
  • Welfare and Diversity/FREEC


If you’re interested in seeing your candidates up on stage completing challenges and much more hustings is on 5th February at 7pm in Room 1!


See you all there! X


We hope that everyone who attended the winter ball on Wednesday had an amazing time!  The photos from the night are soon to been uploaded to Facebook on the Bill Mo Media page. Mistletoe Cam will be closely following after sorting through all of that lovely footage! So keep and eye out!

It is now the end of term so all of us wish you a very merry christmas! See you all soon in January for a fun filled 2016!


merry chistmas bill mo


HGM – 26th October 2015

It is that time – the first HGM of the year! The Bill Mo HGM where Committee positions will be discussed with the upcoming election fast approaching. You can come along and find out what positions are available and find out what has been happening within the hall since our last HGM.

Positions up for grabs:

  • Vice Chair
  • Social Sec
  • Rag Rep
  • Action Rep
  • Female Sports Sec
  • Male Sec
  • Stash Rep
  • Mag Ed

Any questions please email!


Bill Mo we’ve done it again…

Let’s all reminisce on that night a little over two weeks ago where Bill Mo took to Room 1 to give only what can be described as the rowdiest chant in years…one with a volume loud enough to be heard even in the deepest darkest depths of Loughborough…one that left sixteen halls wailing in their wake…the title was reclaimed once more.

Bill Mo we’ve finally got what we wanted… our title back…our trophy back.


Sing off win!











Well done Bill Mo…great start to a great year!!!



We are now only two weeks from move in date…..and the best two weeks of your life!


So Bill Mo…It’s time to get excited!


Below is an outline of the events that Bill Mo will be putting on in those two weeks!

























For more information visit our Facebook page here!


Any questions don’t hesitate to ask 🙂


Exec Elections 2015

I know the past week has been a bit crazy with all the facebook post and people running around campaigning on nights out but that time is coming to an end.

The candidates (and their campaign teams) have put in an inordinate amount effort to be your representatives so if you could take the time to vote for your favourites, it would mean alot to them. It only takes 5 minutes at

Thank you for your patience with them over this period, it’s nearly over. And don’t forget it’s free entry to Hey Ewe if you vote.


Hustings Night Tomorrow

It’s finally that time. Please arrive in Room 1 at 6.45-50 please!

Find out who your 2015 Committee will be where positions such as Hall Chair, Treasurer and the mighty Ross Orlov battles his way for Sports sec.

JC’s bar will be open! See you there!

Bill Mo Committee x

Welcome Back

We hope you all had a great Christmas and New Years. We know this may be a lackluster start with exams fast approaching but we wish you the best of luck with any exams or coursework deadlines you may have and that this year be more spectacular than the last.

Happy New Year

Bill Mo Committee x

Merry Christmas

Now that the first term is over, we hope you have had a good time so far this year but this is just quick message to say we hope you have a good christmas and new year and we will see you when you return in January.


Useful Information for 2014/15 residents (Freshers & Returners)


Hello, if you’re reading this then you’re one of the lucky individuals who has been accepted into Bill Mo Hall or hoping to be (Hall of the Year 2014).

This post is just so you can get a rough idea of what costs you might want to know more about. Upon agreeing a contract to live in William Morris, you agree to all the terms and conditions stated in your contract. One which is vitally important to us as a hall. Hall Subscriptions, unlike other Universities, Loughborough student accommodation is usually the foundations of your friendship groups, nights out, activity and pretty much your whole 3 years at Uni (even when you no longer live within the hall)! However the reason so many activities and social events happen is because of this fee.

The upcoming fee for 2014/15 is as follows:

– Freshers: £85 (First years who live in the hall).

– Returners: £30 (Second, third and fourth years who live in the hall).

Team Freshers: £60 (Fresher Helpers & Freshers who do not live in the hall but wish to take part in Freshers Week)

Affiliates: £5 (People who wish to affiliate to the hall).


This payment is now due!

What are these costs & when do I pay?

The money received from ALL hall residents covers the costs of the day to day running of the hall and activities the Hall Committee put in place such as Winter/Summer Balls, Hall Fundays, BBQ’s, Punch Parties, sports equipment, coaches & away days. We can assure you it’s money very well spent! This is a compulsory payment, involvement and activity levels within the hall do not come into affect, so please make sure you’re all paid up before you move in via the LSU website. Pay your fee now at – YOU WILL NOT RECEIVE YOUR KEYS UNTIL THIS PAYMENT IS CONFIRMED.

How much does the Students Union cost for a night out?

Unlike other Universities, our SU is the core of Loughborough for nights out offering a variety of nights weekly and through the year. Something we would like to strongly recommend as a Hall and Committee is that you purchase Platinum/Platinum extra for your first year! Individual nights can range from £1.99-4.00.

Platinum – Entry every night for FREE in the first term.

Platinum Extra – Entry every night for FREE ALL YEAR.

The costs have now been finalised for next academic year, they are £89 for the former and £149 for the latter. I know this seems like a lot of money but we can guarantee you its worth it. You save so much money throughout the year, you may not think you’ll go to the Union much or get your moneys worth, BUT we can assure you it’s definitely worth it even if you enjoy going out even once a week.

These can be paid at – Please get yours asap to avoid disappointment.

Town nights?

During the year the standard price for a night in town is £4.

Room Bond?

This payment is nothing to do with the Hall Committee or any of the two payments above. This is in it’s most simplistic form a deposit for your room owed to Unite (owner of the hall). This must be paid before you move in to your room. For 2014/15 I believe the payment is £150.

Freshers Week Fee (Accommodation)?

This is a fee added on to the invoice student accommodation send you when your first instalment of rent is due. This is for the time you’ll be living in your room before your actual contract starts (Tuesday 23rd-Morning of Saturday 28th). For standard rooms the fee is approximately £74.10 and for ensuite rooms the fee is approximately £89.60. REMEMBER this will be payable once student accommodation invoice you for the FIRST instalment, usually around the end of October/start of November.


Hi Bill Mo,

We’re trying to update the way the Unite team get across to the whole Hall through Facebook, I know at the moment everyone receives many emails, which most of you probably ignore. Therefore the Competitions that often occur will be posted via their Facebook page and will need to be liked and shared to enter (As a trial), also some general information will be displayed. Hopefully this will begin to stop the amount of emails you all receive, and get you more involved and see the relevant information sooner rather then later!  Obviously there are certain emails which are essential for records to be maintained, concerning invoices and noise disturbances etc.

Also I know a lot of people don’t use their University email addresses, if you wish to change the email address that Unite contact you by, just pop in to reception and see Maxine!