Summer Ball

As you all know the summer ball has been and gone, and all we can hope for those of you who attended is that you enjoyed your night; the close up magic (and i really mean magic), the blackjack table and the chocolate fountain, just some of the reasons you may have had a great night. We hope you takeaway many great memories from the night and if you’re looking to relive any of those memories you can take a look at the pictures here:

And if you’re wondering what happened with all the video footage from the nigfht, it’s currently being edited (lots of footage) and will be released soon so keep your eyes peeled on the media facebook page and youtube channel.

Bill Mo Committee x

The Great Bill Mo Litter Pick 2015

So it’s that time of year that we ask you to partake in Action’s big litter pick. This is one of the BIGGEST projects of the year and is a good project to nurse them FND hangovers last year we had over 100 people on this project (the most of any hall!) and would be great to do even better this year.

If you are looking to be a fresher helper next year this project is MANDATORY or if you just love some good action so come on down. Oh and did I mention free bacon butty to anyone who attends.

Meet at reception at 11.45 for your bacon butties or meet us at the union at 12.30.

We hope to see as many of you there as possible.

Bill Mo Committee xx


Alumni Does Brazil Mo

You may have seen a few unfamiliar faces over the past weekend and that’s because we have been hosting some of Bill Mo’s alumni. We put on a punch party, hosted bill mo birthday and undertook a paintball trip. To all our alumni who joined us, we hope this weekend brought back fond memories of your times here and that you had a great weekend catching up with old friends and meeting some of our current residents. Photo’s from bill mo birthday are available on facebook.

We hope that you continue to think fondly of Bill Mo and that you will return again next year.

Summer Ball Tickets

Bill Mo, it’s that time of year again… SUMMER BALL!!

We will be having our summer ball in Goosedale, Nottingham on Wed the 13th May!

Meeting at JC’s for a few at 6 where we will be driven to the venue.

At 8 we will be greeted with a 2 course meal as well as a bottle of wine EACH!

Following this at 10 will be the award ceremony

And finally we will be leaving Goosedale at 12:30



So be sure to get a ticket while they’re available as they’ll go quickly!!! xxxx

Your last chance to get hold of a ticket will be between 8pm and 10pm on 3rd May 2015

summer ball 2015

Summer Stash Collection

Hey Bill Mo,

We hope you have had a good easter. The time has come once more where you can get your hands on some bill mo stash. Becky has done a great job at creating this collection, so check out the collection below (or at get your orders in before it’s too late.

Bill Mo AGM

It’s that time of year again our Annual General Meeting.

Firstly the New Committee will be talking through what they have been doing and upcoming events within the sections.

This is a compulsory event to attend if you are thinking about becoming a fresher helper, were we will explain the process of applications. You need to come down and sign your name up.

ALSO voting forms for the Fresher Awards will be handed out to everyone which need filling out by the end of the meeting these will be presented at Bill Mo Birthday on the 27th of March.


Exec Elections 2015

I know the past week has been a bit crazy with all the facebook post and people running around campaigning on nights out but that time is coming to an end.

The candidates (and their campaign teams) have put in an inordinate amount effort to be your representatives so if you could take the time to vote for your favourites, it would mean alot to them. It only takes 5 minutes at

Thank you for your patience with them over this period, it’s nearly over. And don’t forget it’s free entry to Hey Ewe if you vote.


Hustings Night Tomorrow

It’s finally that time. Please arrive in Room 1 at 6.45-50 please!

Find out who your 2015 Committee will be where positions such as Hall Chair, Treasurer and the mighty Ross Orlov battles his way for Sports sec.

JC’s bar will be open! See you there!

Bill Mo Committee x

Hustings Is Back!!!

So it’s that time of year again…the time where you get to elect your new committee members. Over the next week you will see all candidates trying their best to become your new representatives. The positions available are:

  • Hall Chair
  • Welfare and Diversity/FREEC Rep
  • Magazine Editor
  • Webmaster
  • Comms Sec
  • Female Sports Sec
  • Male Sports Sec
  • Treasurer
  • Action Rep
  • RAG Rep

If you are interested in running contact Todd Martin. Otherwise enjoy the antics of the week, don’t forget to vote for your favourite candidates and attend Hustings next Friday in Room1 at 6.45pm.


Bill Mo Committee x


HGM – 5th Feb

It is that time. The William Morris HGM where Committee positions will be discussed with the upcoming election fast approaching. You can come along and find out what positions are available and find out what has been happening within the hall since our last HGM.

Positions up for grabs:

  • Hall Chair
  • Treasurer
  • Social Sec
  • Rag Rep
  • Action Rep
  • Female Sports Sec
  • Male Sec
  • Webmaster
  • Comms Sec
  • Welfare/FREEC
  • Mag Ed

This is your last chance to run for the 2015 committee.

Also Mr Peoples’ will come down to talk about Exec Elections a little to you all.

Any questions please email

Refreshers 2015!

Exams are over, time to blow off some steam with Bill Mo Refreshers 2015.

Keep an eye for everything refresher related..

Punch Parties, Q Jumps, Ticket Prices, Bus Times, Stash…

29th – Stuesday (Space Theme)
28th – Hey Ewe Q Jump (Retro Sports)
29th – DBE (Wavey Garms)
30th – Punch Party/ FND
2nd – Pub Crawl to Mansion Monday (Refresher T’s)
3rd – Lboro invades
4th – Hey Ewe Q Jump
5th – Artful Dodger at Revs
6th – FND

Don’t forget to buy your refresher tee’s from Becky for £7. And have a great refreshers!

Bill Mo Committee x

refresher stash

Welcome Back

We hope you all had a great Christmas and New Years. We know this may be a lackluster start with exams fast approaching but we wish you the best of luck with any exams or coursework deadlines you may have and that this year be more spectacular than the last.

Happy New Year

Bill Mo Committee x