Welcome to William Morris Hall, the third largest hall in Loughborough with an unrivalled hall spirit and a reputation for success.

As the most over-subscribed hall, we’re home to 487 self-catered students and ensure that each and every one of our students gets the very best from their Loughborough experience. As well as being the nearest hall to the Student’s Union (night’s out, cafe’s and shops), we’re also only 10 minute walk from both Town and the Library, putting us in a prime location for any student. Bill Mo is famous for getting its residents involved, its unrivaled banter and of course it’s partying. No one does it better than Bill Mo.

As well as this, the hall plays a successful part in the inter-hall sports program, offering sports from rugby to archery, and netball to rocketball, ensuring there’s something for everyone to get involved in. Volunteering also plays a large part in the life of Bill Mo-er’s, with the hall coming first last year in RAG (fundraising) raising almost £80,000, we’re THE force to be reckoned with in Action (community projects) coming 1st this year, as well as having  our own hall magazine, website and youtube channel.

Social life is a HUGE part of the hall, and really does cater for everyone. We host many events such as punch parties (hosting big time DJ’s),  beach volleyball socials and movie nights. If you’re looking to immerse yourself in the Loughborough experience and make the most of your time here, then Bill Mo is the hall for you!